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Beyond Hegemonic Narratives and Myths
Charles University PRIMUS Project

Memory Workshop organized by Maria Alina Asavei

02 Dec 2020

On September 14 Maria Alina Asavei co-organized an online workshop "30 Years after the End of Communist Regimes: New Perspectives on the Art and Politics of Memory." Do not miss an opportunity and join us to listen to several interesting presentations. From BOHEMs team, you could see the presentations of Maria Alina Asavei titled "Memorial Tattoos and Mnemonic Bodies: Remembering the Socialist Leaders from the Former East" and to Jirka Kocian charing one of the panels. Several of our long-term friends and colleagues also contributed - Caterina Preda, Melinda Harlov or Rose Smith.
This workshop was organized by the IMS FSV UK, Beyond Hegemonic Narratives and Myths, and the Interdisciplinary Research Center on Politics, Arts, Memory and Society (PolArt) of the Department of Political Science, University of Bucharest as a part of the project TE “Transregional remembrance of dictatorships: restoring human dignity through artistic practices in South America and Eastern Europe.”