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Beyond Hegemonic Narratives and Myths
Charles University PRIMUS Project

Kateřina Králová

Kateřina Králová, associate professor in Contemporary History, is the principal investigator of the PRIMUS BOHEMS project (2017-2021) and Head of the Department of Russian and East European Studies at the Institute of International Studies (2017-2021). As a 4EU+ Alliance Consortium Representative, she recently became the 4EU+ Memory Chair of the "Plurality of Memories" for the Charles University. She also served as a Vice-Dean for International Relations (2010-2015) at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In her research, she focuses on reconciliation with the Nazi past, post-conflict societies, memory and oral history regarding the Holocaust, the Greek Civil War and post-war reconstruction, particularly in Greece. Currently, she conducts her fellowship at the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute.