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Beyond Hegemonic Narratives and Myths
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Prekmurje (Slovenia): A small region with rich history and culture - by Tereza Juhászová

25 Mar 2019 | Tereza Juhászová

Inspired by an article by Oto Luthar* about the multiethnic region of Prekmurje located in today’s Slovenia, I decided to spend a few days in this area, exploring the local culture, history and museums. Prekmurje is a historical region in eastern Slovenia, which until the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War I belonged to the Hungarian part of the monarchy and, therefore...




BerlinZEIT: A new attempt to grasp the history of Berlin in a comprehensive way - by Nikola Karasová

30 January 2019 | Nikola Karasová

The BerlinZEIT: Compact history is a new permanent exhibition that has been on display since the summer of 2018 in the Märkisches Museum in Berlin, Germany. Its aim to cover the history of Berlin from the Ice Age to the present may rightfully raise doubts that the museum offers yet another old-fashioned presentation abundant with historical....




The Fight Continues: On the Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising - by Hana Kubátová

10 September 2018 | Hana Kubátová

There is something about public holidays and memorial days, but also monuments and street names, that seems to go well beyond their initial appearance. While representing the official take on which historical figures or what events to honor, political actors turn to commemorations and unveilings when making use of the past for the present....




“Arabic” Ilidža: The Only “Multicultural” Quarter of Sarajevo? - by Ondřej Žíla

13 July 2018 | Ondřej Žíla

Sarajevo’s Ilidža is known for being an important transport hub, a spa district with an Austro-Hungarian atmosphere and a beautiful promenade leading to the springs of the river Bosna. These are the most common associations among Bosnians when it comes to this quarter, located at the outskirts of the capital city. Yet recently...